Imperial Triumphant

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013
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The New York City-based act Imperial Triumphant was formed in 2005 by two guys who were active within the Death Metal scene especially (Malignancy and Pyrrhon, for those who care). And to keep it all clear and compact: shortly after the release of the debut full album Abominamentvm,  Imperial Triumphant are now about to release the two-tracker Goliath (duration: thirteen minutes), which was engineered, mixed and mastered by Colin Marston, whom you might remember from his collaboration with e.g. Gorguts, Behold… The Arctopus, Origin, Dysrhythmia or Atheist.

The recording’s concept deals with Sodom and Gomorrah (done via the songs Sodom and, indeed, Gomorrah), especially, and specifically, based on the biblical elements, with fleshly sin / consumption and godly wrath / judgment in mind. The EP brings a nasty, blackened and twisted form of Grinding Death Psychedelica, turning elements from Ephel Duath, Deathspell Omega and Gorguts into a self-created, mostly vicious and vile experience of chaotically well-structured aural devastation. Those who are trusted with last year’s Abominamentvm will understand what I’m talking about, but in any case this material is very highly recommended to all those who like any of the comparisons I did add. Why? Not just for doing comparable things, but because Imperial Triumphant do it with such grandeur…! Extremely interesting stuff, so I can’t wait to hear the upcoming full length???...