Album Title: 
Röck ‘n Roll Hellpatröl
Release Date: 
Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Review Type: 

The Hells Headbangers-crew has a good nose for sleaziness, and to prove it again, they will release Röck ‘n Roll Hellpatröl by German quartet Intöxicated (Jackhammer-b, ÄC-d, Löuie-v, and El Ranchö-g). Thrashing Rock’n’Roll in its widest spectrum (from Speed up to Death and Black Metal) is their trademark, but only in the rawest Old School form, and that’s why this label gets appreciated very intensively by undersigned.

Intöxicated are a decent band on this label’s roster. No-nonsense primitivism, with a nice does of humour and uncomplicated self-relativation, fuelled by beer and cheap whisky, inspired by dirty-minded bike-chicks, and influenced by blasphemy and blooded fists… It’s all a façade with a huge dose of irony and humour; don’t take it all too serious, because that’s not the band’s goal. They want to play swinging Speed-Thrash’n’Roll that balances somewhere in between Motörhead especially (mind the Lemmy-alike vox!), as well as Bulldozer, Venom, Tiger Junkies, Kreator, Carnivore, Abigail or Destruction. Besides, there’s a nice addition of Metallica-alike riffing, Ramones-punkiness and Sodom-ish demonism, plain and simple, but extreme excellent in its essence.