Jay Smith

Album Title: 
King Of Man
Release Date: 
Monday, June 16, 2014
Review Type: 

In Scandinavia, this second album from Swedish singer/songwriter Jay Smith was already released at the end of 2013, June saw the release for Europe. However pure hard rock/metal lovers should be warned. The music on this album is not hard rock, nor is it metal.  No, it’s a combination of many different rock genres, with some pop, country and blues thrown in as well, but culminating in a very good, pleasing album.

Of course the voice of Jay has something to do with this as well.  He has a powerful voice, yet can also sing in a  more subdued way.  It’s a shame that the quality of this album will be acknowledged in Scandinavian countries, but that in our countries only a handful of people will have heard of him.

Although the music on this album is very diverse in style, it never ever bores..  You can wander from a pure rock song, through a ballad, and even get something that could almost be described as big band music.  Very surprising, but sounding very good.