Joel Grind’s Yellowgoat

Album Title: 
The Yellowgoat Sessions
Release Date: 
Tuesday, March 26, 2013
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Joel Grind did a jam session in the vein of the earliest efforts by his main band, Toxic Holocaust, in order to pay tribute again to the roots of Metal. The result is a twenty five-minutes ten tracker (intro and outro included) that honours the Old School, i.e. early Bathory (especially!!!), Motörhead, Kreator, Countess, Venom, Sodom and, of course, early Toxic Holocaust. No, this material isn’t original; no, this stuff isn’t that varying at all either, but it’s just so f*cking awesome!

I’ll keep it very simple: if you do appreciate any of higher mentioned bands, then you will love this stuff like Hell! I promise you! (ps: this must be my shortest review ever?)