Album Title: 
Death Worship
Release Date: 
Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Review Type: 

Kafirun are a very young combo from Vancouver, Canada (formed in early 2014), that did enter the Hora Morior Studio immediately after their ‘birth’ in order to record and self-produce this demo-EP. The three tracks on Death Worship are ‘the reflection of hate and darkness that dwells in man’s heart’. It’s the band’s (vocalist Luzifaust, guitar player Hanephi, drummer Corpus Vile, and bassist Hypnocrotizer) statement against monotheistic religions in general, and Islam more specific.

Anyway, the quartet recorded this creation (which has a total running time of sixteen and a half minutes) in order to perform definitely ‘pure’ and traditional Black Metal, lacking of any trend, lacking of any modern influence whatsoever. Hell yeah, why not, haven’t we heard that before? But as a matter of fact, Kafirun do succeed to breathe the purest essence of what Black Metal must sound like. But it goes further. The basics are inspired by the Old School for sure - think the Nordic-inspired Second Wave era. But despite not being renewing (what should they anyway), they do distinct themselves by performing with quite an impressive variation in speed, ranging from funereal doomy over mid-tempo via fast to blasting. And it works. The three songs are melodic and hypnotic-atmospheric, covering the whole in a mostly autumnal veil of coldness. Besides, Kafirun come with the most perfect production to have this material released: raw and edge, unpolished and grim.

I am impressed, for this is ‘just’ a demonstrational recording by a very new collective, but of a very convincing and professionally executed kind. If this is an omen to an upcoming full length, then I will look out, impatiently waiting…