Khaos Aeon

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014
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The German act Khaos Aeon was formed in 2006 by Isaz (g, v) and Phosphoros (d), and in 2011 they debuted via Fog Of The Apocalypse with the full length studio record Exitus, an album that did include the Dissection cover-track Frozen. Two of the songs, by the way, also appeared on the split-cassette Anarchonic Deathworship, which also includes Canada’s Blight and fellow countrymen of Svathyr. In mean time, Khaos Aeon started writing and recording the sophomore full length, Koenigsreich, which will conquer (certain eras of) Mater Terra as from now on.

Koenigsreich brings three quarters of an hour of rhythmic, melodic, guitar-driven and up-tempo Black Metal. It sounds mysterious and mystic, occult and esoteric (not of the Italian / Greek kind), with eccentric leads (not progressive or avant-garde), unusual and deadly riffing, and varying vocals (blackish screams versus melodic voices). What strikes me is the somewhat sludgy approach from time to time (especially within the slower parts), as well as the cold Post-Black edge, giving the whole a mostly uncomfortable feeling. A surplus is the variation in different aspects: melodies, atmosphere, the addition of both melancholic and fierce solos, the interaction epic - aggression, and the use of some intros, samples or industrialised effects, the addition of Oriental elements, the tempo-changes. Every song is different from any other: sometimes tranquil and melancholic, then again catchier, structurally incorrect or, on the other hand, well-refined in structure and concept, and so on. Counterpart of this approach: it makes the album slightly incoherent and rather difficult to see it as ‘a whole’. You need a couple of times of listening before you can touch the essence, and even then the lack of consistency might be facultative.

No matter if you’re into the likes of Melechesh, Khold, Secrets Of The Moon or Rotting Christ; you must give it a try (or a couple of tries)!