Khristenn Corpse

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Monday, December 1, 2014
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The Venezuelan band Khristenn Corpse was formed a decade ago, and they released two demos and one full length in mean time, respectively the independently released EP’s The Khristenn Corpse and Bloodmiracle (2005 and 2010), and the LP/CD Grotesque (2011, via Argentinian Misanthropic Spirit Records). The American label Temptations Of Resonance Records will now re-issue the second demo, Bloodmiracle, though in a very limited edition.

After a short intro, Liturgy For The Depraved Born (atmospheric Ambient sounds with church bells and a woman crying of masochistic pleasure), the horde brings what they call Melodic Porn Black Metal. As a matter of fact, the ‘porn’-aspect has to do with the lyrical theme especially. From aural point of view, Khristenn Corpse perform highly melodic and rhythmic Traditional Black Metal with lots of floating keyboard lines, pounding drum patterns, guitar-driven melodies, and gurgling screams. There are quite some tempo-changes, but in general this stuff is pretty fast and energetic. The synths, despite not being original at all, are a nice counterbalance to the heaviness of the melodies.

The first three songs are studio recordings with a very professional production. Both other tracks are live recordings, unfortunately with a terrible sound. Yet at the other, it’s a proof of this band’s ability to play live; especially their live version of Bleeding lands, Frozen Woods is superb!