Long Distance Calling

Album Title: 
The Flood Inside
Release Date: 
Monday, March 4, 2013
Review Type: 

Germany’s quartet LDC’s latest 8-track offering reveals a band whose stoner rock vibes and post rock licks work in conjunction to righteously kick you in the but. A veritable potpourri of great songs and a great overall sound is what The Flood Inside offers. The epic sweep of nearly every track envelopes the listener into swirling maelstroms of emotions. The guitars are solid, the leads expressive. The band employs various technical elements and creative songwriting to make their songs stand out from the morass that passes for post rock these days. There’s one small problem though, the singer, his limited range vocals don’t work great for LDC’s vibrant sound. If you're looking for a band that can groove, fuzz and leave a melody humming in your head, look no further and get LDC’s newest cd.