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The Lustmord

This album does not deal with the (fantastic) Wales-based Industrial / Dark Ambient project by Brian Williams, written without prefix ‘the’, but with the Phoenix, Arizona-based Extreme Metal act written with the prefix ‘the’.


The Wild Hunt is Watain’s fifth full length (their first album on major Century Media, by the way), lasting for sixty three minutes.

Thought Chamber

Aha, a re-acquaintance...because I (as well as then colleague Trik) reviewed this band's debut album Angular Perceptions (Trik's review and my own were posted 03/03 and 20/03 of that year, respectively, and can be found for your scrutiny and fact-finding needs in this website's “Archive” section), and as it turns out...I won't have to tell you too much about the band's adventures in between that debut and this, the sophomore album, because Thought Chamber was never meant to be more than a studio project, apparently (correct me if I

The Tangent

During last weekend, the editor-in-chief came up to my place with a total of 17 CD's, 2 DVD's, and no less than 41 download albums for me to review...and the statement that there were also some InsideOut Music download releases which needed my attention first (in spite of our rule that we review actual albums before the downloads), because the local promoter was getting on his back.

James Labrie

You know, before I checked more seriously, I could've sworn that I reviewed Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie's previous solo album, 2010's Static Impulse, but it turns out that that job was left to colleague Erik (see his review posted 08/12/2010), and I was simply given ample opportunity to listen to the album, thanks to work sessions at the ConcreteWeb headquarters (as per usual when I listen to an album, I must've formed a review in my mind – I mean, I even remember checking data on the info sheet th


Huh...you know, as I was looking up background info for this review, I evidently came across the cover art of this band's previous albums, and I couldn't let go of the thought that I'd come across these Brits before. But, as it would turn out, I never reviewed those albums personally, nor did any of my colleagues, here at ConcreteWeb! Time for some serious getting acquainted then, wouldn't you agree, folks?

Alice In Chains

Second album by this iconic Seattle band since its comeback in 2005 (with singer/ guitarist William DuVall replacing the departed Layne Stayley), and the follow-up to 2009's Black Gives Way To Blue (which was reviewed by colleague Cosmicmasseur for an Oct. 26 posting of that year), which was certified Gold by the RIAA for having sold in excess of half a million copies.

Seasick Steve

Holy smokes...here's somewhat of a weirdo whom has actually been playing music since the '60s, but waited until the new millennium to bring out a first album of original music!

Frank Turner

Hey...you know something, it would seem that I reviewed Turner's previous albums Poetry Of the Deep (2009) and England Keep My Bones (posted 13/06/2011 and again on 17/07/2011), as well as the EP Rock & Roll (issued in Dec 2011, but review posted only 23/02/2012)...so that's where I'll direct you for his history story up to that point.


Volbeat is a Danish metal band which was formed in Copenhagen. The band is known for playing a fusion of rock, metal and rockabilly. They are inspired by classic rock and roll artists such as Johnny Cash and Elvis as well as more modern rock, hard rock and metal bands.


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