Midnight Caine

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Friday, November 9, 2012
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This somewhat metallic flavoured Gothic Rock band was originally founded in 2007 as a duo in Västeräs, Vastmanslands Ian, Sweden, by singer Fredrik Andrèn and instrumentalist/ programmer Joakim Galle. At that point was still experimenting with different styles in order to find the best fitting approach, and the main drive of the duo was to simply write as many songs as possible, and get as much feedback as possible from the usic business and fans. In that early development of the band, they became one of the winners in the Garden Of Delight Cover Contest with their song "Spring Invocation", which was subsequently featured in the compilation album A Tribute To G.O.D.!

In early 2009 the line-up changed, and with the intent to bring the studio duo to an actual band Andrèn recruited new people. Work was now started on the band's first release, but during the recording process of the EP Dead & Reborn, the line-up changed again, and after establishing a new one the band moved from one studio to another to finish the EP, which was released in September 2009. The release saw the band hit the road and even play gigs in Europe (of course, in those days, even playing a couple of shows over a weekend in Germany would've been a "tour", and to a Swede, any place outside of Scandinavia would've been "Europe"...however, to the band's credit, on their list of selected live dates, we dó find the UK and Switzerland, besides Germany...the latter being the easiest access into "Europe" for the band). Top rated at Metal Express Radio, the band was invited into the show for an hour to share their music and history with the listeners.

In late 2010 the band released its full-length debut Forevermore. With an overall more atmospheric sound, the album was a step up for the band, and the album was therefore well-received by both fans and the media. Evidently, the band went on to promote the album by playing gigs, both in Sweden and abroad, something which was only slightly hampered by the fact that in early 2011 the band was reduced to a trio (Andrèn, guitarist Mattias Balk and bassist Henrik Brifors simply used pre-recorded synth and drums on stage). In fact, the diminished line-up worked as a fortifying bond between the members, made the band more effective, determined and hardworking to succeed. The band continued to play gigs, and made a big step up by performing at the Wave Gothic Treffen in Leipzig (Germany) during June. In November and December of the same year, the band put further marks to their belts, playing at Whitby Gothic Weekend (Whitby, UK) and the Gothenburg Gothic Gathering (Sweeden) respectively.

In 2012 the band signed to the German Danse Macabre Records label, and started work on their third release Mirrors which, as you may have known from the caption above, was released in November. Before the actual release however, the bassist was replaced for Henrik Trollvad. In early 2013 the band also enlisted the services of drummer Rudy Weisser, and can now finally use live drums, in stead of having to program a computer to produce that sound. Claiming to consist of highly skilled and hard-working musicians with a wide range of musical experience, the band offers to play quality live performances all over Europe (and beyond – oh hopefuls!), committed with a professional attitude in all aspects.

Well, if Gothic Rock is your thing, then by all means check out the songs posted at (www.) facebook.com/MidnightCaine, where all songs posted, except for “Forevermore”, are from the new album. The same can also be found at (www.) reverbnation.com/midnightcaine, but an extra track entitled “Shangri La” can be found posted alongside a couple of songs you've now already come across, at (www.) myspace.com/midnightcaine. At the moment, the band has only two shows posted in June and August (the latter in the UK), but I'm sure a change for more dates will come soon enough. Check the “Tour” section of the band's own (www.) midnight-caine.com on a regular basis!