Two Side Moon Promotion

Midnight Caine

This somewhat metallic flavoured Gothic Rock band was originally founded in 2007 as a duo in Västeräs, Vastmanslands Ian, Sweden, by singer Fredrik Andrèn and instrumentalist/ programmer Joakim Galle. At that point was still experimenting with different styles in order to find the best fitting approach, and the main drive of the duo was to simply write as many songs as possible, and get as much feedback as possible from the usic business and fans.


This Baroque tinted Progressive Rock act has a somewhat fuzzy history which goes back all the way to 1989. It is apparently the year when the foundation of the current band was laid. Wackily enough, they were already known as Tucana and re-named themselves from Wistaria.


Here's something novel: a Hard Rock band styled on British and American bands in the genre, coming from Istanbul, Turkey, where the band, today (sóme line-up changes did occur) consisting of lead singer Bullent Calli, guitarists Dost Akyildiz & Sherhan Akalin (the latter also performing backing vocals), bassist/ backing vocalist Ali Evcimen and drummer Ozkan Oral, was formed in 2008!


This Coln-based German band was founded in 2005, but has found so many changes happening to its line-up, that currently only female lead singer Jule is the only remaining member.

New Lungs

The EP by this Seattle based quartet came to us accompanied only by a calling card with some contact info, and I regret to say that the websites mentioned didn't offer a lot of background on the band either.


If I got my info correct, this Arlington (Washington DC area) based Christian Metal quartet was put together by lead singer/ guitarist/ keyboardist Frank Clifton Herring, who sought out the correct people for two years prior to the Summer of 2008, when veteran bassist Roy Richardson completed the line-up then also already including lead guitarist Vlad Gurin and drummer Tim TNTTieff.

Immanent Distance

This sextet from Kuurne (a suburb North of Kortrijk in the South of West-Flanders, Belgium) came into being following the split-up of the now defunct Death/ Black Metal act Depravity (now no longer in existence), when a couple of its members wanted to move on to a kind of music they felt a greater affinity for, namely a female-fronted Melodic Progressive Metal.

Grand 60

Here's a band with wacky origins! Its originator, guitarist/ bassist/ drum programmer Peter Lundh had been one of the forces behind a Swedish Rock band competition which had bands attending from all over the country, but when a third season announced itself (for the year 2008), he decided to cop out because he felt it would be too much work.


This Auckland, New Zealand based band was founded as a musical project in 2005 by singer/ guitarist Mathew Bosher, and his brother, now former drummer Daniel, which first made itself being properly heard of through the self-release of the 2008 full-length album A New Aesthetic, recorded and produced by David Holmes (known of work with Jakob, Kerretta and An Emerald City to name but a few), whom remains the band collaborator to date.


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