The Midnight Ghost Train

Album Title: 
Cold Was The Ground
Release Date: 
Friday, February 27, 2015
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 “Cold was the ground” – the third album by these Roadburn veterans” offers dark delta blues, Southern swagger and pure heaviness : this one’s got soul!! It’s mainly the rough vocals from founder Steve Moss that enriches the sound of the band. Moss’ way of singing is raw and sometimes close to growls while the guitar riffs are based on what bands like Kyuss started years ago. Newly signed to “Napalm Records”, “Cold was the ground” is a sound of a band energized, committed, driven, with a passion to rock. Be warned this album will induce headbanging; there are songs that don’t just rock but bounce with “BC Tucker”, “The Canfield” and closer “Mantis”. There are two short instrumentals with the opener “Along The Chasm” and “One Last Shelter”. Lemmy is in the house J when I hear “No.227”! Motörhead and stoner rock!? “Cold of The Night” !! A band that isn’t well known! I hope they will have a breakthrough with this album!