Mind Maze

Album Title: 
Back From The Edge
Release Date: 
Friday, October 24, 2014
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Only having released their debut album ‘Mask Of Lies’ in 2013, Mind Maze from Pennsylvania are already there with a next album ‘Back From The Edge’. 

What immediately caught my ears, were the vocals by Miss Sara Teets, sister of the bands guitarist Jeff Teets.  She has a warm, mid-tone voice, very strong, but without having to shout.  The guitar work by her brother is also of a very high standard. A score of other musicians have helped in realizing this new album, among them Mike LePond from Symphony X, of whom it’s not really clear is he is a full band member, or if this is just a project he worked on. As this is the first album I heard from this band, I cannot judge what their previous albums sounded like, but this one is a cracker.  You get about fifty minutes playing time, but two track take up almost 20 minutes of the total playing time, whereas there are 8 tracks in total on the album.