Album Title: 
Coerce Creed
Release Date: 
Monday, January 27, 2014
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The Extreme Metal scene from Singapore might not be that ‘huge’ (or better: it isn’t that well-known within our western territories), but believe me if I say that this country houses tens of sublime acts. Of course you do know top-act Impiety, and you might have heard of Kekal, Psycho, As Sahar, Netherealm, or Wormrot too. But there are lots of other interesting bands and projects out there; think: Infernal Execrator, Istidraj, Ironfist, Totenkopf and so on. A worthy addition to this list: Nechbeyth. I am ashamed to admit that I had not heard of this trio before, but apparently they did release a first record in 2010, called Blood.Axis.Domination. Wanna have…

Anyway, Coerce Creed stands for more than twenty minutes of ‘nuclear-powered battery, cacophonous decibel-wreckage, red-eyed oblivion, total blackout metal’ (excerpt taken from the bio). I’d rather call it an anti-popular, anti-acceptable, anti-social form of barbarian Old School Black / Thrash / Speed / Death / War Metal, combining the most foul and dingy elements from (early) Impiety and Impaled Nazarene, Blasphemy, Conqueror, Beherit, Bestial Warlust, Revenge, Sarcofago and Naked Whipper. Also ‘younger acts’ like Deiphago and the likes might come to mind. It’s fast and violent, powerful and merciless, aggressive and drilling, like a machine gun, a pyroclastic eruption, a sulphuric fart from the Horned One himself. It grinds and blasts, and it destroys any form of melody in order to create a mostly dirty, maniacal definition of Black Grind War Music from the Underworld.

Finally this, about the sound: once again I want to stipulate my passion for ‘underground’ in many aspects, but once again I need to disapprove the smelly under-production. This material, of course, doesn’t fit to clinically polished beauty, but my standard level gets higher than this. Or better: everyone likes the stench of his / her own flatulation, but not the perversive odour of someone else’s exhausts…