Album Title: 
Profanation Of The Gods
Release Date: 
Wednesday, December 24, 2014
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After two splits - one with Slaughtered Priest, which is another project Necrochakal’s Ungod is involved with, and one with Texas-based Terrorist - Greek combo Necrochakal release the Profanation Of The Gods-EP via Greek labels Metal Throne Productions (which is run by Ungod) and mighty Fistbang Records. The stuff was recorded by Ungod (all strings), Bestial Invocator (sweet voices and romantic poems) and Maelstrom (drums; he is not a permanent member, but a long-time session musician), with guest vocals on two tracks (opener Praise The Crucifix and Heir Desecration) by Archfiend DevilPig, known from e.g. Embrace Of Thorns, Serpent Noir or Necrovorous (or his label Kill Yourself Records). It was registered at the 11th Tower Studio with Haris Voyatzis, by the way.

Necrochakal state being anti-commercial and anti-trendy, and indeed they are. It’s not just a gimmick, this statement they make. With these five new tracks (each of them lasting for about four to five minutes), they bring raw and nasty Thrash / Death / Black Metal with a certain First Wave-sound. With ‘sound’ I also have a sad announcement to make, because the production is beneath acceptance. I had to put my speakers much louder to hear what this band is actually doing on this EP. Maybe it’s just my copy (though it’s not a copied copy, if you get me), but the sound sucks. A pity, a shame.

But I’ve got very good news too, and that’s the musick. I did mention the First Wave-current (I know this terminology especially goes for ‘Black Metal’, but you’ve to seen this definition more with an open mind right here, all right), and that does not count for the production only, yet also for the performance and song writing. What Necrochakal bring is a grim, rough-edged and blaspheme mixture of Eighties Thrash / Deathrash and proto-Black Metal, somewhat a mixture of Sodom, Venom, Kreator, Blasphemy, Profanatica, Impiety, Sarcofago, early Morbid Angel etc. You know what I mean, don’t you. Of course there is not one renewing element, but who cares about that? I do not, and you, if you’re a fan of this ‘trend’ (sorry, guys), must not either. It’s just forcefully performed Old Style nastiness, rumbling, skull-crushing, morbid and evil.

Finally this: in a couple of weeks, Weird Face Productions will release this stuff on vinyl too…

[the f*cked-up production does influence my score, otherwise it would be even higher - ivan]