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Friday, May 3, 2024
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Short review about one of the releases in an interesting ‘package’ by No Sides Records. It’s an effort by Madison-born Anthony Bradshaw Schmitt, released posthumously (this human being left earthly life way too soon; he was only 39 years old when he passed away in early Summer 2023) – yet let’s focus on the sonic content.

Exitbridge is a short two-track effort, clocking almost eleven minutes. Thrusters On (04:22) and Why (06:23) bring a very dynamic approach of Electronic Music, embracing Chiptune and Game Boy alike stuff. The digitally manipulated material consists of repetitive yet variative melodies, somewhat simplistic in essence (yet in this case it works quite effective), and interspersed by energetic beats and percussion-like programming.

Both compositions are, however, more than some game-stuff oriented creation. Why does come with a Space Ambient attitude, especially as from the second half, and with some hypnotizing details towards the end, cf. the violin-sounding harmony and the acoustic string-like addition. Thrusters On, then again, touches the border of Techno, Acid Jazz and even EBM, with some weird bleeps and loops and an almost hyper-kinetic drum-programming.

This short effort, aptly titled Exitbridge, totally lacks darkness or doom, yet still it might be appreciated by fans of Ambient and Dark Electro. After each listen, new elements seem to reveal themselves, so one must give it a couple of tries…