The Order of Israfel

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Friday, August 29, 2014
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The Order of Israfel are yet another 2014 release with musical roots planted in the occult seventies early eighties with more than a mere hint towards the first gods of doom & gloom (also known as Black SABBATH.)  It would however not be correct to describe  THE ORDER OF ISRAFEL as just another clone of the mighty SABBATH, no sir.  The Order of Israfel does have in there line up enough experience from other bands in the doom metal genre to ensure that it’s not  all just copy and paste. Amongst these other bands one can  find  CHURCH OF MISERY and DOOMDOGS   with references like that  doom fans out there will now what to expect,  groove laden metal stoner riffs as displayed on  “The black wings a demon” , not super but oh so (clean ) efficient vocals supported by  a hard hitting drummer and ass tight bass lines.  However as with any debut album it’s not all great ,  personally  the  narrated intro  “THE VOW”  which serves as sort of an intro to 9.17 minutes album “Morning sun”  is  a to simple output from  this band. With future releases The Order of Israfel might become runner ups in the race to replace those other now defunct doom gods CATHEDRAL but not just yet.