The People’s Noise Project

Album Title: 
Man! I Feel Like Noise! - A Noisecore Tribute To Shania Twain
Release Date: 
Monday, August 6, 2012
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First this: additional information about the label Vomit Bucket Productions can be found in one of the reviews we recently uploaded by material released by, evidently, this German label (Ataraxy, Nekro:Mancer, Vomitous Discharge – No One Gets Out Alive, or Catgirl; all of them were updated during late January). But let’s say that, if you like it bloody and skinless, then you will find what you are looking for on this DIY-label for sure.

The label is owned by a guy called Gag, one of the most sympathetic persons I got in touch with lately. Gag (I promise not to reveal your real name, haha ;-) ) is active in a couple of (solo) projects too, such as higher mentioned Vomitous Discharge and Ataraxy, as well as Splattered Nachos, Sewage Cocktail, Domestic Trashcapes, The Thousand Arms Of Compassion or Pesticides; but one of his best known outfits must be The People’s Noise Project, which is (was?) quite a productive and extremely humorous Noisecore-project by Gag. Under this moniker, and via his own label, he released several splits, yet he likes to pay tribute to influential musicians too. And with this information I will start my next paragraph.

In order to express his appreciation for great artists, he created some tribute-albums before, and this one, which this review will deal with, is the third in that row. Before, he paid honor to both Celine Dion and Lady Gaga, and now it’s Shania Twain having the honor to be praised. Hail Shania!

Indeed, I told you that humor is an essential part of The People’s Noise Project’s ‘Music’. It’s not the Shania-thing only. What to think about the cover drawing and artwork, for example (done by Gag himself, I think): a pretty boy (once again: Gag himself?) traveling around in a desert with nothing but a back-bag, an anti-music t-shirt and, of course, a cool beer in his hand, surrounded by cactuses, bones and skulls, rocks and a traffic arrow, pointing at the VBP-HQ’s, with crows or vultures flying above his head, as well as a U.F.O. … The back cover is even cooler, when this lonely traveler seems to reach a saloon in the middle of the desert, with a gig coming up by, indeed, Misses Twain… I hope there are still tickets available!

But… it’s the sonic side that is of importance right here, so: Man! I Feel Like Noise! - A Noisecore Tribute To Shania Twain lasts for thirty four minutes and consists of no less than sixty two (62!) elegies, mainly created out of improvisational madness. The sad thing: there are 100 copies only (99, because I owe one as from now on). The good thing: let’s feel like Noise! The album was recorded in four days at the very beginning of Summer 2012, and completely created by Gag (including mix and mastering). ‘This recording was inspired by and dedicated to Shania Twain! I hope you will release a new album soon!!’. And it covers quite some period of this woman’s career, as from the untitled 1993 debut album up to 2002’s Up!, and even the Desperate Housewives-track Shoes passes the revue.

As a matter of fact, the ‘songs’ on this album are built around totally distorted guitars with no melodies at all, turbulent and unstructured (I’d rather call it ‘destructuring’) drum patterns, brutally raped and sometimes even funky (!) bass lines, and crazy vocals: extremely deep grunts, semi-piggy screams, guttural yells and, one two three four, rough ‘spoken’ words (introducing the song title) in between the creations. It’s a mixture of Grind and Punk and Death Metal and Splatter and whatever, with a mostly noisy and chaotic execution. And even the sound quality fits to this scratching no-nonsense bullsh*t, for being unpolished and rusty - but it works, Hell yeah (or better: Heaven yeah ;-) ), it does work!

What I like too is the variation. No, it’s not that each single ‘composition’ is a unique piece itself, Hell no (oops, I did it again; I mean: Heaven no!) (and with that ‘oops I did it again’-thing: next tribute maybe dedicated to Britney?). Most pieces are an amalgam of nihilistic and primitive outbursts of aural brutality. But there are some great moments (like hints of solo-guitar indeed), there is quite some differentiation in speed and structure, and even in length (from a couple of seconds to over one whole minute; and the last track even clocks two earthly minutes). Primal barbarism translated into a sonic definition, that’s what The People’s Noise Project has to offer the audience…

If you call yourself a Fun-Grind maniac, you need to see the psy at first, or to buy this album as therapeutic healing manner. It will cure you from boredom for sure!