Primitive Man

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Friday, August 16, 2013
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Primitive Man are a new act from Denver, Colorado, debuting with this forty-minute long album Scorn. And I won’t spend too many words on this noisy grandeur. Just read this:

Scorn brings psychologically incorrect, droning, misanthropic and apocalyptic Sludge / Black / Doom / Industrial / Darkness. Scorn is the kind of abyssal grandeur that characterises a specific sub-genre that houses within Relapse-roster. Scorn is filthy, hateful, torturous and angry, lacking of sympathy or empathy. Scorn’s sound is roughly unpolished and mega-oppressive, and therefore a truly orgiastic aural nightmare, to please all masochistic and sadistic entities that scorn normality! Scorn is a psychological assault, a psychopathic brain-attack. Scorn is the sonic expression of mankind’s hatred!