Album Title: 
Nothing To Save
Release Date: 
Friday, May 31, 2013
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Reproacher’s history starts at during Autumn 2009 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Some former members of different Hardcore bands joined forces to create their own material and to perform live on stage. Especially those live gigs were (are) very well appreciated, and Reproacher were able to play along notorious acts like Weekend Nachos, The Body, Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire, Trap Them or Early Graves, amongst tens of others. In 2011 the combo started recording their debut full length in Salt Lake City (at the Boar’s Nest) and they self-released the material later that year. It means that this album, Nothing To Save, sort of is a re-release. I didn’t hear it back then, but since we did receive the stuff very recently, and since I do not care writing a review on previously released material, I will be so kind to…

Nothing To Save is half an hour (actually just a little more than this) of d-beated Punk / Hardcore-injected Sludge / Doom / Drone / Power-Violence / Deathcore / Crust / Grindcore with a metallic undertone and a sleazy, raw and unpolished sound (maybe a little, just a very little, too under-produced?). This stuff takes no prisoners; it’s an honest fist-in-the-face (nose-breaking knuckles included), executed by both technical and traditional skilled sweeties (Jon-b, TJ-g, Jarret-d, and Joel-v).

FFO: All Pigs Must Die, Pharaoh, Converge or Old Lines.