Revelation’s Hammer

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Revelation’s Hammer
Release Date: 
Monday, June 24, 2013
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Accuser (vocals, guitars, bass) started Revelation’s Hammer (named after the Zyklon song?) a couple of years ago as a solo-outlet. After a while, he joined forces with percussionist Myrvoll of Nidingr-fame, who still acts as permanent session drum-monster. Accuser wrote some material, which he, and Myrvoll, started to register on master tape throughout the past years (due to different circumstances, it took quite a while before having the whole finished in its basic form). Then Børge Finstad was asked to mix the whole thing in his famous Toproom Studio (think: Sturmgeist, ICS Vortex, Winds, Borknagar, Mayhem and many more), and the result was mastered by Peter In De Betou (Mistur, Ragnarok, Amon Amarth, ICS Vortex, Necrophobic and hundreds of others). The keyboard parts on a couple of songs, by the way, were performed by Troll’s Exilis.

The self-called debut full length consists of six titles, which have a total running time of forty six minutes. Those six hymns bring rather rhythmic and slightly catchy up-tempo Black Metal with lots of changes in tempo and song structure. The focus lays on a fast-forward speed and a take-no-prisoners attitude, with a timeless Norwegian sound. The latter, the sound, isn’t of the typifying ‘Nordic’ kind, but rather universal, even though pretty rough and enormously powerful.

The performance is very technically done, but not of the exaggerated Post-Tech or extremely über-complex kind. The album isn’t a progressive one, yet the several breaks, the variation with additional leads and bass hooks, and the grooving guitar lines, as well as the deeply-grunting screams and few samples, make this album both Old School as Modern. Universal and timeless, I mentioned, didn’t I…