Sagrario Mortis

Album Title: 
Sagrario Mortis
Release Date: 
Thursday, June 12, 2014
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Sagrario Mortis can be considered the next step within Chamán’s history, after they sort of split up. Actually, the Spanish act Sagrario Mortis was formed somewhere in early 2014, and Murb and Nefert (in mean time, the duo recruited some permanent members) recorded this stuff pretty soon after. Originally they did release it independently the digital way, but this material sort of deserved to have a physical distribution too, and that’s why and when Cold Raw Records did appear (who else…).

This untitled recording lasts for thirty five minutes and it brings a mostly primitive and primal form of fast-paced, merciless, nihilistic and, at the same time, still melodic Black Metal. It sounds necrotic and blaspheme, little industrialized (drum computer and some riffing), based on repetitive riffs, somewhat exaggerated forced drum patterns, mechanical sounds and so on. It sounds a lot like Metraton (more than once), or the likes of Divine Codex, Aborym, Mysticum or Nocturnal Majesty, with a focus on that raw industrial, mechanical, militant and de-naturalized approach. It might cause a love-it-or-hate-it-effect, that’s a certainty.

I do not always agree with that forced, anti-organic execution, but at the other hand there are so many cool elements, great melodies, quite some variation (some pieces even include acoustic intermezzi) and that nasty f*ck-off attitude, and who am I to dislike such approach?!...

Oh yes, finally this. The album ends with a Chamán-cover, Marcha Funebre, but WTF…