Album Title: 
Forgotten Dreams
Release Date: 
Friday, December 6, 2013
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Salem .. one of those names that might sound familiar with those metal heads who have a more than average interest in NWOBHM.  During the peak years of  this British wave these guy’s never managed to get the same level of attention than some other bands of the same period ( Iron maiden, Def Leppard Saxon  anyone ?… )  The reason why some went on to achieve greater things than Salem has to be found  in the fact that Salem choose the difficult path of melodic hardrock iso of in your face metal, and now some 35 years later, Salem still seem  to opt  for this niche of the metal scene. And it must  be said that they do it well  as “ Forgotten Dreams” is overall a well produced  good buy for those of us who find themselves in the Def leppard, Praying Mantis, Saxon  (Rock the nation era ) side of  the NWOBHM wave, they might however prove to be a tad to light for those who prefer  the more raw Demon pact / Jaguar/ Raven approach of the same wave.    75/100 +10 for determination