Scar The Martyr

Album Title: 
Scar The Martyr
Release Date: 
Sunday, December 1, 2013
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Scar the Martyr is an American metal band formed in 2013 as a side project for Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison. The group was announced in April 2013 by the drummer and was shown to feature guitarist Jed Simon and Kris Norris. In June 2013 the group announced its name and full lineup, which includes Chris Vrenna, and relatively unknown vocalist Henry Derek Bonner. The first album of this project was released on October first, and can best be described, as industrial witch isn’t a big surprise if you see who is in the band. But I have to admit it doesn’t sound like anything from Slipknot or from the other bands where Joey got his musicians. But I have to admit this band sounds to soft for the image they created.

They present themselves as a band that is inspired by horror, witch I have to admit you can see in their artwork and hear in the intro. But after that……it’s just industrial metal. It certainly isn’t bad, but from a band like this I expected more.