The Shiva Hypothesis

Album Title: 
Promo 2015
Release Date: 
Tuesday, December 1, 2015
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Our Lowlands have always been quite underestimated within the Black Metal scene, and actually it isn’t that strange, seen the glorious quality of so many acts from all over the world. Once in a while, a band from Belgium or Holland sort of ‘breaks through’, reaching an audience outside our artificial borders. Unfortunately, so many bands from our countries remains too ‘low’. Will The Shiva Hypothesis prove the opposite?

This quartet did send me, sorry, did send ‘us’ a copy of their 2015-promo-CD, which consists of three self-produced tracks. What immediately strikes me is the subtle yet somehow sublime equilibrium in between tradition and progression. The compositions are basically structured around classic elements, i.e. universal and timeless constructions. But the final performance goes much further, being little dissonant, progressive and Post-Black oriented. And The Shiva Hypothesis easily knows how to combine both opposites. A great element that strengthens their fame-to-come is the addition of semi-acoustic intermezzi, like in the lengthy piece Maze Of Delusion, which sort of reminds me to a symbiosis of Vesania, Panchrysia, Mayhem and Limbonic Art (without the cosmic elements). Another cool detail is the variation in speed, for the mainly up-tempo eruptions get smoothly injected with a couple of slower, high-tech’ish excerpts. And with the ‘high-tech’ comparison, I’m rather referring to a certain discordance reminiscent to the earliest works of, for example, VoiVod or Coroner – indeed, that kind of creepy creativity. Listen to opener Caduceus to know what I am talking about, and you’ll surely agree. Besides, the Post-Black assaults contain some subtle hints of Nordic-styled Black Metal, as well as both Thrash and Death Metal, yet as said, these details aren’t but supplementary. Oh yes, I also need, I just need, to add something about the shamanistic introduction to Praedormitium, which sets the tone for that quite ritualistic, distantly behemothian epic.

I don’t know what the future plans are for this band, but I hope they will enter the studio soon again in order to have more material registered. There are plenty of great ideas, there is an own face, the sound quality is top-notch, the performance is quite impeccable, the lyrics are original and profound, the variation is of a high quality, and even the artwork and logo are attractive. I think we’ve got a new rising (black) star…