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Wednesday, August 13, 2014
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There are quite some bands with the moniker Skoll, but this review deals with the young Swedish one. Skoll were formed in 2010 in Sweden’s capital Stockholm. They recorded two demonstrational / rehearsal recordings, twice extremely limited, in the past, and now they come up with Helvetestromb, once again independently released and once again extremely limited (only fifty tapes are made with one single goal: violently torturing our eardrums). It was conceived by Tom ‘Grym Ejakulator’ Ahlqvist, Sebastian ‘Überführer Ov Sadistic Violations’ Messa and Jesper ‘Anal Desecrator’ Tennemo, and produced by a certain Jocke at the (to me unknown) Wolfden Studio.

Helvetestromb consists of four pretty short (three of them clock nearly two minutes, one just over two and a half minute) attacks, combining crusty and no-nonsense Thrash Metal with deadly, somewhat First Wave-oriented Black Metal. There is a huge dose of punkish attitude within these songs, once again with a pure Eighties-vibe, and lots of hints from old schooled Speed / Heavy Metal. The material is fast, violent, uncompromising, blasphemous, primitive and sledgehammering. But it’s great to notice some decelerations too, from time to time. Or to conclude the sonic story: jummie!

Despite the fact that this material lasts for eight minutes only, it might impress. However, the sound quality (here I am again) – and it might be my copy only, yet still – sucks. Okay, this kind of stuff is allergic to modern studios with sophisticated and sterile equipment, but the sound is way too weak, too noisy, too chaotic. A better production would end up with a score much higher than the one down below. But this band’s capacities are based on the principles of old styled supremacy, so I might start to crave for an upcoming EP or full album…