Teloch Vovin

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Teloch Vovin
Release Date: 
Tuesday, June 25, 2013
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Teloch Vovin are a young quintet (Pestis, G/, Proph, Jos-sothoth and Gemini) from the New York City environment. They debut with a full length studio record intelligently titled I, which will be released in 333 copies only. Like the band’s moniker might indicate (this goes for the members’ nicknames as well, of course), the approach is based on occultism and mystery. The song titles listen to stuff like 12/21/2012--1+2+2+1+2+0+1+2=11, Harab-Serapel, Olahm Ha-Kliffot, or Adoration/Vexation, so this might give you a clue, not? But there are many bands and projects that have their lyrical concept deal with this occult matter (like Absu and all side-projects Absu’s members are involved with), so it does not explain the aural totality.

The musical part of Teloch Vovin’s debut album (clocking just over half an hour unfortunately) is an organic interpretation of uncomplexed, low-fi buzz-saw anomalies, epic sludgery from the blackest areas of blood-sacrificing grimness. I sort of symbioses the most evil presences within the abyssic-metallic regions; consider it an undivine mixture of e.g. Nebron, Tombs, Bloodline, Lord Mantis, Striborg, Xasthur and Ungod, but presented with a mostly raw, unfortunately slightly under-produced sound. And this brings me to an enormous pitiful detail: the production. More than once I did express my eternal gratitude to so-called ‘underground’ sounds when it comes to the bleakest forms of Blakkk Metalll, but it’s a pity once again to cope with material that has a sound quasi-equalling total shit. Has this been recorded in a container, you idiots? A damn pity, for Teloch Vovin’s aural expressions are oh so marvellous. F*ckin’ unholiness, it will influence my final score (because it infests and screws up my happiness), but bla and bla and even more bla… Or: with a more decent sound this stuff would evoke a waw-experience…