Trails Of Sorrow

Album Title: 
Languish In Oblivion
Release Date: 
Tuesday, September 11, 2012
Review Type: 

The very young act Trails Of Sorrow hails from Italy and debuts with Languish In Oblivion through US-based label Domestic Genocide. The duo (vocalist / lyricist Dying Poet Of Funeral Litanies and instrumentalist / programmer / music writer Friedrich Restless Soul) brings a somewhat mystic mixture of both Ambient-Gothic-Doom and Funeral Doom-oriented Dark Metal, emotional, atmospheric and ominous. Rather minimalistic, ultra-slow, happily depressive and purely abyssal, with a sound so unclean, unpolished and unorganic; bleakest Art and Anti-Rock with blood-red tears…

It’s like Until Death Overtakes Me, Nocturnal Majesty, Skepticism, Void Of Silence, Urna, Hoth, Deinonychus, Mordor, Woods Of Belial and Lustre co-operated to create a symphony of despair, melancholy, sorrow and misanthropy. And this collaboration seemed to succeed. Pico bello Italiano…