Troubled Horse

Album Title: 
Step Inside
Release Date: 
Monday, November 5, 2012
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Troubled Horse are located in Orebro, Sweden, a city that brings us other Heavy Rock acts like Graveyard or Witchcraft. As a matter of fact, throughout their existence, and still at this very same moment, Troubled Horse do / did feature some (former) Witchcraft-members. But the musical approach of both bands differs in a couple of aspects.

Step Inside stands for a Garage Rock-injected form of passionate, guitar-driven Seventies Rock with a Hard Rock vibe and a proto-Doom heartbeat. It’s like Witchcraft (yet of a bluesier kind, and less psychedelic-occult), MC5, Pentagram, Dust, Lincoln Street Exit and Rolling Stones joined forces for a 2012-jam-session collaboration.

Refreshing or dated, that’s up to you. Recommended if you can appreciate young acts like Horisont, Gypsyhawk and the likes, or higher mentioned oldies…