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Friday, February 22, 2013
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The German trio (Kaelt-v,g; Harvest-v,b; and Naavl-d) Vargsheim returns with Erleuchtung, which lasts for about fifty minutes. The three current members play together in Vargsheim for many years, and a result is the perfect balance of each of them in their rather unique, unconventional Music.

With Erleuchtung, Vargsheim go further where Weltfremd (Düsterwald, 2010) ended, meaning: a somewhat sludgy and groovy form of varying and experimental Black Metal with elements from Post-Rock, Jazz, Prog, Folk, Sixties and Seventies Rock, Doom and Epic Metal. It might sound a little strange from time to time, and again this is an extremely unusual and difficult recording. But again, after a couple of times, you will see the whole picture, and understand the basics and the complex relationship with the totality. When it comes to the variation, it has not to do with the influences and styles that are canalised into symbiosis. It has to do with the tempo and the changes in speed, as well as the breaks and the interaction in spheres. Sometimes integer and sober, then again fierce and lusting for war (a song like Betet Oh Herr, for example, comes with that lovely Nordic-inspired undertone), sometimes rather melancholic or, at the other hand, rockin’n’rollin’…

No limits, no conventions, no compromises; Erleuchtung is a musical play with a dark edged wink to both irony and tradition, disgust and hatred. You know what I mean? I do not either anymore…