Album Title: 
Silent Script
Release Date: 
Tuesday, August 22, 2023
Review Type: 

This is the second album this band, based in Kansas City – USA have released. Their previous full

length album Threads Of Fatality which was released in 2020, must have completely escaped my


I have no idea what their previous work sounded like, but if you are into Queensrÿche or Operation:

Mindcrime, and also like a bit of Fates Warning in between, I would say do not hesitate any longer

and buy this album. Veritas music is in the same vein as aforementioned bands. Not only is their

music that good, but their vocalist, Denny Anthony, sings as good as Geoff Tate in his heydays, but

he’s not copying the former’s style, but lays his own accents.

Do not expect an album similar to Queensrÿche’s Operation Mindcrime however, as this is an album

that in my opinion can never be surpassed.

Containing 12 songs, the album clocks of at about 49 minutes in total, most of the songs not

exceeding 4 minutes, except the last one, which is the lesser of them all, mainly due to the vocals

who are partly high pitched, resulting in a song that does not really match with the other songs on

the album.

Special credits go to the artwork, an image of a partly overgrown Greek/Roman temple that would

feature well in a horror movie.