Erik Morren

Signs Preyer

(review written by Erik - thank you!)

I have to admit I’ve never been an eager fan of Stoner rock, and this album isn’t going to convert me. Although it’s not 100 % stoner, as I also discern vague elements of other metal styles.

Not that it’s that bad an album, but it’s just not my cup of tea. There’s not enough melody in the music, and sometimes it’s a bit of a cacophony. And I like my vocals clean and sharp, which isn’t the case here.


Although their first album was released in 2013, followed by another album in 2019, I had never

before heard of this band, who hails from Portugal. And a rather pleasant surprise for me it was,

discovering this band.

How to classify their music ? Well, it’s got elements of progressive metal, but it’s far for what you’d

expect if your vision of progressive metal is bands like Dream Theater and Queensrÿche, to name but

two of the well known bands. Apotheus music is not as intricate as the beformentioned bands, but is


I didn’t know what this band – or rather one man project with some special guests - would sound like, the promo mentioned Gothic Metal/Rock.  But listening to this album was a very enjoying experience.


If my information is correct, this second full album of this Australian band was previously self released in 2022, and has subsequently been re-released by Noslip Records. 


This is the second album this band, based in Kansas City – USA have released. Their previous full

length album Threads Of Fatality which was released in 2020, must have completely escaped my


I have no idea what their previous work sounded like, but if you are into Queensrÿche or Operation:

Mindcrime, and also like a bit of Fates Warning in between, I would say do not hesitate any longer

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