Album Title: 
The Escalation
Release Date: 
Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Review Type: 

Aussie veterans Vomitor are back (again) with another bloody excerpt of gore and death! This time it’s the ultimate escalation of Old School nastiness, but so it has always been the case, or am I mistaken? Don’t expect a renewing album, for this band has never given in to trends or popularity contests (mind the friendly people from down under, will you), but nobody wants Vomitor doing something else but the thing they’re good at: thrashing the listener down with barbaric, primal Death / Thrash / Black / Speed / Grind Terror from the Old School. It’s fast, it’s nasty, it’s merciless, it’s the essence of vomitorian beauty.

Oh yes, an addition about the sound: dirty, sleazy, nasty, raw and unpolished. Wonderful, not? Let’s escalate!