Album Title: 
Ш϶пt ϥophara Лicьця
Release Date: 
Friday, November 23, 2012
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Zaklon are one of the very few bands I know from Belarus (the western part of the former USSR), but with this release they might gain some success outside their home country’s borders. The project was formed at the very end of last century by a guy called Temnarod and this album, with lyrics (again, like the project’s former releases) done in the Belarusian native tongue, was originally recorded during late Spring 2009 and released in a very limited edition in early 2011 through Forestland Prod.

Previously to the upcoming full length CbimδaпiHяɜδbithara (or something like that…), which will be released somewhere in 2013 (but I don’t think the release date is known yet), Zaklon’s current label & distributor will re-release this material on a proper format.

This album brings folkish glory, mystic moods or victorious pride with the purest Pagan soul. There is a lot of variation in between the songs, and within the hymns, combining the legacy of somewhat traditional and east-European-oriented Pagan / Black Metal, Ambient-Doom, Epic Folk and the likes. This is the kind of so-called primal Nature- and Native-inspired Dark Melancholy, uplifting the essence of an emulsion of melody and majesty. Despite the sombre, cold approach, this release fills me with an orgiastic warmth; despite the repetitiveness these compositions fulfil my expectations with amazement and amusement. Besides, the grandiose switch in between very slow and energetically pounding outbursts, the timeless yet primordial performance, and the grimly dark-tuned production are beyond imagination.

For fans of: the autumnal scene from Belarus and its neighbours (Latvia, Russia, Poland, Ukraine or Lithuania)!