Album Title: 
Sonic Child
Release Date: 
Monday, December 29, 2014
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Zodiac’s first introduced themselves to me at 2014’s Hellfest,  the band just grabbed my attention to such an extent that I decided that I needed to find out more about them. First thing I found out that these guy’s are from Germany and not as I expected from one of the Southern states from the US of A. Secondly the band released 3 albums in the timespan of about 2 years… Thirdly  they  covered Cortez the killer from Neil Young without losing the essence and vibe of the original…  Back to Sonic Child know…. Zodiac are classic rock who definitely  know there classics and more importantly, they write great songs  Just  listen to  opener  Who I am ( David Gilmour are you reading this ?)?, the Title track Sonic child (would fit on any Golden Earring album)  or Holding on….. or…….   To summarize if you record collection has  Golden  earring,  Neil young & crazy horse, CCR, Allman BrothersThe Cult  or more recently, Black Crows Rival Sons, Blackberry smoke in it, don’t miss out on ZODIAC.