German warriors Asenblut return with their second full length studio album, after 2009’s Aufbruch. In promotion to that debut release, the band played on many festivals, such as Heidensturm, Metalfest and R.U.D.E. A short while ago, the quartet (Claus, Tetzel, Phil and Balrogh) entered the famous Stage One Studio with one of the most experienced producers, Andy Classen, who gave this record an organic and energetic sound.


Pessimist were formed in 2006 and after some demonstrational recordings they debuted with Call To War in 2010 (Firefield Records). Since then, little things happened, but Pessimist started working on a new full length, which is about to be released through Germany’s MDD Records.


The German trio (Kaelt-v,g; Harvest-v,b; and Naavl-d) Vargsheim returns with Erleuchtung, which lasts for about fifty minutes. The three current members play together in Vargsheim for many years, and a result is the perfect balance of each of them in their rather unique, unconventional Music.


Seamount were formed about five years ago as a co-operative in between Germany and the U.S.aaj. In their short history, this band did perform on more than just a couple of great events, and they did release several albums, as from 2009 on their current label, The Church Within Records.


Within Darkened Disorder got recorded and produced by Andy Classen at the famous Stage One Studio (Varg, Suidakra, Graveworm, Prostitute Disfigurement, Belphegor, Obszön Geschöpf etc.) and was originally released and distributed in 2011 through Twilight.


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