Hey's a weirdo Italian band...not only bringing an eclectic-experimental type of Rock, but also doin' vocals in both English and...Spanish (remember, Italian band!)! But wait, I'm forging ahead of the usual way of let's turn back the clock somewhat...


For convenience's sake, we'll turn the clock on our time machine back to the summer of 2010, and to the geographical coordinates to the North-East Italian town of Genova.


I got/ found but little info on this Vicenza based North-Italian band, but I'm happy to share with you what I know about 'em.


Occasionally, some really great musical gems come out of the dark fogs of Northern Italy, and his band from Mantova certainly counts in that category. Well, actually the city (with some 50,000 inhabitants) is an exception in the usually very industrial north of Italy, as being surrounded by three lakes and having a rich and beautiful historical center (the town dating back to the 6th century!) rather makes it a touristic attraction.


"Rock star Sid Vicious is dead," are the words with which the BBC Radio's news anchor man started his late afternoon show, and the sample from that same broadcast also starts the actual opening track “Sid” on Seta's debut album Interferenze (which incidentally is also the title of the album opening instrumental intro, which consists of 42 minutes of synth sounds and a couple of very short samples from that same news broadcast – larger samples are then used during “Sid”).

Steel City

This Alternative Heavy Rock/ Metal band was founded in Crema (a town squarely between Milano, Bergamo, Brescia, and Piacenza, in the Central North of Italy) under the monicker of Metal Federal Reserve during 2010, and originally consisted of the foursome Simone Picco (singer), Alessandro Cannatelli guitarist), Andrea Brambilla (bass) and Gianmario Oliveri (drums), whom originally had the idea to start a band with Italian singing.

Ashes Of Chaos

Having been temporarily inhibited (through situations at the work space) to continue reviewing on the normal basis I'm used to, I was forced to delay this here review (which is actually part of a 10-album package – the other reviews were posted 29/09 of last) until later date. As I worked in a chronological order to review the albums of that package, I want it understood from the start that this album's later review is only in relation to that fact, and not in any way to a possible lesser “quality” of the product.

Seventh Veil

For those familiar with the Dallas, Texas based Heavy Metal act which released the well-worthy 6-track EP Primer, back in not confuse with this Hard Rock act from Verona (the one from North-East Italy situated between Milano and Venice...nót the cities in either New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin)!

Vicolo Inferno

It would seem that The Poet (Shakespeare, know!) may have found the inspiration for his epic Romeo And Julia in actual life. Consider this : in the year 1504, the streets of the Italian town of Imola (situated some 32 km from Bologna along the old SS6 road in the direction of coastal town Rimini) were the scene of a bloody battle between noble families, involving also a forbidden love.

Stone Orange

From that same package again (Atomic Stuff – see reviews of SilentLie, Hypnotechnicall, and Echotime) comes the sophomore album by this Ljubljana based 4-piece Slovenian Melodic Heavy Rock act, which was founded back in 2003.


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