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Italian act Embryo returns with a new album, which was recorded, mixed and mastered once again by long-time producer Simone Mularoni (you might know him as well from his assistance to bands like Vision Divine, Ravenscry, The Modern Age Slavery, Anatomy Of I, Stigma a.m.m.). It took quite some time, because their last album, the highly acclaimed No God Slave, dates from 2010, but the fans will not be disappointed.


Following taking home the title of “Best Rock Record” at the Indie Music Channel Awards two years in a row, as well as wins in the categories “Best Young Rock Artist”, “Best Rock Recording”, “Best Music Video” for her single “Impossible”, and the coveted title of “Teen Artist Of The Year”, 17-year female Rocker Diamante (who's just this year exploded onto the Rock scene in Hollywood), is NOT what this review is about!

Highway Dream

This is the debut album by Italian band Highway Dream, who were founded in 2008 in Cremona, a city that was home to some famous violin builders, one amongst them being Stradivarius (not the band, obviously…). In 2009 they already released an EP, containing four songs.

Eyes 'n' Lips

At the basis of this Milano based Italian Glam Rock/ Metal act are guitarist Gypsy (real name Luca, family name untraced) and drummer Vik (real name Vittorio, family name unknown to yours truly), who meet each other by chance in February of 2009. Due to their common musical passion for LA-style Hard Rock, the twosome decides to start a band under the monicker of Snipers, recruiting additional members among their friends and acquaintances.


This North-Italian outfit was started as a side-project by Vicolo Inferno bassist Il Daz. His intent was to invite befriended musicians (and anyone else wanting and willing to express his/ her inspirations) to come jam on stage with him and drummer Moretti Butcher. A first gig however resulted in these two main characters falling into a heated argument, to the point of the two eventually breaking apart.


This Athens based Greek Metal act was founded in 1997 by bassist Nick M. (whom was actually born and raised in Sweden) and singer/ guitarist George T., and it wasn't until 2005 that the band gained a seeming stability with the joining of drummer Dimitris Jim Manolopoulos (an event preceded by the joining of lead guitarist George Papadimitropulos in 2003).

Eternal Torture

With Munich, Germany as its home base, one should not confuse this Eternal Torture for the other band going by that name, which is from Belo Horizonte in Brazil, and thus far released two demos displaying Death Metal music.


Although this Florence based Italian quintet only now sees its debut album released officially (they actually already self-released it in June, two years ago), the band was formed back in 2005!


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