Temtris are a band from Australia, formed at the end of last century as Labyrinth. After a while, the moniker changed to Labyrinthia, and under the current moniker they released two full length albums, Threshold in 2003 (self-release), and Masquerade in 2007, their debut for Battlegod Productions. After quite a period of silence, the band returned in January 2014 with a new single, called Your Time Has Come.

Purple Hill Witch

The Norwegian trio Purple Hill Witch (Kristian-g, v; Andreas-b, and Øyvind-d) was formed in 2011, and their 7”EP Alchemy was received with open arms within the Doom-underground. They were recently signed by The Church Within Records, and they now release their self-titled debut full length, which lasts for forty seven minutes.

Brutally Deceased

Brutally Deceased hail from Czech Republic and they debuted in 2010 with Dead Lovers’ Guide, released via Lavadome Productions. In 2013 they returned with the split-LP Glory Days, Festering Years, in co-operation with Interment. This split was the band’s debut for Doomentia, by the way.


It is not because I am chauvinistic, but normally we consider the U.S., Sweden and Germany as the most important countries when it comes to Death Metal. I think the Lowlands, i.e. Belgium and (especially) the Netherlands, are at least as influential for the worldwide scene. It was the case in the earliest years, and it has not changed.

Various Artists

Kaotoxin Records are one of those labels that comes with an enormous variety in releases, though mainly Death Metal and Grindcore-based. One of the genres they are known for is the Grindcore-scene.


Germany’s impressive Extreme Metal label War Anthem Records and Baden-Württemberg-based Black Metal act Unlight recently joined forces in order to have this band’s sixth album released. It took quite some time, because the last album they did (Sulphurblooded, reviewed by colleague Tim; see update September 14th 2010) dates from 2010. However, it does not imply a drastic change of style.


Revelation is the first full length studio album by Malhkebre, despite about twelve years of existence. In the past there was a very limited demo-cassette, an EP (Prostration) and a split-EP (with Aosoth), and that’s it. At the other hand, the band built up a fine live reputation, having shared the stages with the likes of Hell Militia, Antaeus, Ofermod, Embrace Of Thorns, Deströyer 666 etc.


Four years after their debut full length Spiritual Rebirth, France’s Insain return with Enlightening The Unknown, an EP / MCD that was produced at the Italian 16th Cellar Studio (mainly known for recordings by Italian acts like Nefertum, Eyeconoclast, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Theatres Des Vampires or Hour Of Penance).


Golem are a pretty ‘old’ band from Germany, formed in 1989 as a Grind-combo, and despite limited activities, they never broken up officially (so, still active???).


Being part of the Concreteweb-team is both a blessing and a curse. At the one hand, I have the opportunity to listen to tens of excellent recordings each week (imagine, I’m still working fulltime too, and have a family to take care of), but sometimes our chief editor f*cks me by giving me stuff that is way beneath my intelligence. Brings me to this album, done by a label I always am careful with. Buil2Kill released some stuff I could appreciate a little, but most of their roster is not really my cup of poisonous tea.


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