Californian band Gravehill was formed in 2001, but they had a short-lived history with one EP only (which was called Practitioners Of Fell Sorcery). The band split up shortly after, but in 2007 they reformed, with the EP Metal Of Death somewhat later that very same year, and 2009’s Rites Of The Pentagram as proof of their glorious comeback.


Honestly, I did not know German band Rogash yet. Apparently, they did record a demo in 2010 (entitled Rogan Era) and that’s it, so I do not need to feel guilty. But apparently they are quite promising, for Dan Swanö was so kind to do the final mix and mastering for Rogash’s debut full length Supremacy Undone. This gets translated, of course, by means of the monumental sound of this debut full length record.


Here's an interesting one. Widows is a UK (Nottingham) band whose sound is much akin to older Clutch, Trucker Diablo, Throttlerod, Down and a dirtier Orange Goblin.


Norwegian project Weh is a mainly acoustic Folk project by Erik Evju, who wanted to create a mixture of darkened feelings and natural emotions. Under the moniker Weh, Erik recorded and released a first demo / EP in 2002, called The Death, and it received very positive reactions in Norway as well as in the rest of the world. 2003 saw the release of a second demo, called All The Sinners Are Sleeping Now, followed in 2004 by demo # 3, The Coffee’s Cold In The Morning, The Beer’s Warm At Night.


Dutch Heretic were formed in North Brabant, Holland, in 1995. Throughout the past years, they recorded a handful of (excellent) albums: Black Metal Holocaust (1999), Devilworshipper (2003), and after a temporary split Gods Over Humans, Slaves Under Satan (2008); they also released some splits (e.g.


Polish band Evangelist consists of members who want to remain anonymous. They are a Christian formation with one full length on their roster, In Partibus Infidelium. Doominicanes is the second one, consisting of five tracks that last for about forty five minutes.


Even though they might not be known that much, Ukrainian act Paganland was formed more than fifteen years ago. At the end of last century, the band released a demonstrational record (Gods Of Golden Circle, on tape) and except for some local shows, nothing of importance happened. Eventually Paganland split up, but not officially.


One might not believe it, but there is a very vivid Metal scene at the Philippine islands. That’s the case right now, and it was the case twenty years ago. Unfortunately the scene from that part of our wonderful planet isn’t known at all in our regions, except for underground-traders.


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