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To be honet, I’ve about had it with live albums from Yes.  Haven’t they earned enough money yet ?  Since 2005 they’ve managed to release a live album about every two years, some with recent recordings, some with what I’d dare to call ‘prehistoric’ material,   If they continue doing this, I guess we’re in for a new record every two years for the next thirty years to come.


It’s been a while since Whitesnake have released a new album, yet here it is, albeit not with brand new songs, but with songs from Deep Purple Mark 3 and 4.  It might have escaped you, but for a while David Coverdale has been part of that band, between August 1973 and March 1976.


Yet another live album released by Frontiers Records, and another live album for Asia, this time a recording made in November 7th at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco.  The album is available as double CD, as a DVD and on blue ray.  At that time the band still had it’s original line-up including Steve Howe, who would leave the band a few months later to focus on other projects.

Beauvoir Free

Jean Beauvois is probably best known for his work with Crown Of Thorns, but he also played in Voodoo X and even in the Plasmatics, a punkband that was fronted by Wendy O. Williams.  Besides that he has also some solo work, as well as playing, producing and writing for and with countless other artists.

Pat Travers

Pat Travers is a Canadian born guitar virtuoso, who was rather famous some thirty odd years ago, having had success with his 1977 ‘Makin’ Magic’ album and also with his 1980 ‘Crash and Burn’ album.  So it’s no shame if you’ve never heard of him if you were born in the nineties or later, since he went out of the spotlights.

But the guy made a comeback in 2012, with a new band lineup, except for drummer Sandy Gennaro who returned behind the skins.

Harem Scarem

Long live Rock’n’Roll, and long live Harem Scarem. I was very sad when the split of the band was announced in 2008, and rejoiced when it was announced that the reunited band would be headlining the 20130 Firefest festival in Nottingham UK, and even more so when it was announced they were recording three new tracks for the re-issue of ‘Mood Swings (II)’, an album which I’ve only recently bought by the way.

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