Mor are a Serbian act (‘mor’ means ‘death’ in Archaic Slavic) which I hadn’t heard of before. They recorded some material during the second part of last decade, with a full length in 2009, but I didn’t experience this material (yet). During Autumn 2013, Mor recorded their second album, Lutanja Sakatoga Bespućima Samsare, which means something like ‘wanderings of the crippled one through moors of Samsara’, and in early 2014 the whole was finished studio-wise.

Funerary Bell

One of the most unusual Extreme Metal acts from Finland are Funerary Bell, formed in 2007 and creators of some pretty obscure and weird stuff in the past (amongst which a split with Blood Red Fog and a first full length, called The Coven, released in 2011 via the great German label Undercover Records). Last year Funerary Bell self-released the four-track cassette Horrific TransCosmic Overture, which apparently was sold out very quickly.


Swedish combo Aniara were formed in 2011 as Oak. Because of more bands or projects with that moniker, they decided to change their name into Aniara in 2013. However, soon after the band split up and most members went on with their other bands or projects.

Acolytes Of Moros

Odmetnik are a pretty young label from Beograd, Serbia, focused on Doom Metal especially, yet not of the poppy kind. The label, by the way, is run by Miloš Vojinović, aka Škoms, the guy behind the Serbian Doom-band Propoved. The fifth release on their roster is the debut-EP of Swedish act Acolytes Of Moros, which was formed in 2010 as side-project for Anguish and Inception, if I’m not mistaken.

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