Funerary Bell

Album Title: 
Horrific TransCosmic Overture / Live At Tombstone
Release Date: 
Monday, July 7, 2014
Review Type: 

One of the most unusual Extreme Metal acts from Finland are Funerary Bell, formed in 2007 and creators of some pretty obscure and weird stuff in the past (amongst which a split with Blood Red Fog and a first full length, called The Coven, released in 2011 via the great German label Undercover Records). Last year Funerary Bell self-released the four-track cassette Horrific TransCosmic Overture, which apparently was sold out very quickly. This stuff has now been re-released via Serbian label Odmetnik, and Skoms and his crew are so kind, and smart, to have it done with some bonus material, taken from the band’s live performance at the 2014-edition of the famous Tombstone festival. But pay attention, for this re-issue comes in an edition of three hundred copies only.

Their material stands for Black stuff from the Old School. Indeed, what else could we expect from Odmetnik. But it’s not the kind of madness we’re used to (once again Odmetnik need to be mentioned, for this superb label does not deal with catchy bands whatsoever). It’s a psychedelic form of horrific Old School Death / Doom-injected Black Metal of a mostly obscure and oppressive kind, including grunting shouts, eerie keyboard lines (truly a surplus), bizarre tempo-changes (Saint Vitus aren’t but sissies, haha), industrialized samples, and much more that makes this band not just another Black-Doom band. This statement refers to the band’s ability to inject their stuff with much more intelligence than the average Extreme Metal-clone.

Beware! I am not going into extremes this time, at least not the positive way (but for sure not the negative way for there is no reason to do so). The quality of the sound sucks. It’s that simple. It is beneath acceptance, and I cannot agree. But because of the grandiose song writing and performance, I won’t focus on this minor detail. Let’s say that Funerary Bell are an act of grandeur when it comes to song writing and performance, and I would give them the benefit of doubt. They will proof their strength with an upcoming studio album (honestly, will they? I do hope so), and then we’ll continue…

If you can appreciate Mortuary Drape, early Acheron, Profanatica, (early) Rotting Crist / Varathron / Necromantia, Root, Mordor, and even Paul Chain and the likes, then… More info next time, when Odmetnik (dear Skoms, will you do the honour?...) are to release a ‘real’ album…