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Tiran aka TирAн are a Russian combo I had not heard of before. I even have no idea whether this is a full-time and full-member band or a solo-project, I don’t know when they were formed, and if there’s other stuff available. But once again I will focus this time on what I did receive from the great Satanath-roster, and that’s this single, Used.


This time I am not going to spent too much time on the introduction of a band / project (the latter, in Raventale’s case), because 1) I am too lazy right now (not really, but I just wanted to make a statement) and 2) this is a review that deals with a compilation and not a ‘real’ recording. So I’ll keep it short: Raventale rules!

Artificum Nex

Despite quite some years of existence - Artificum Nex were formed in 2007 - this Russian band didn’t release but one single official thing, the EP Desert Of Sins. This mini-album, consisting of four tracks, was released via one of the greatest labels from Russia, Satanath Records, in July 2013.


Polish act Lugburz were formed in 1996, and after some demonstrational recordings, they released a first full length studio album in 2006, called Triumph Of The Antichrist. There has been a split too in mean time (with fellow countrymen Meghorash, a one-man project by Northrend) and a break for many years. But now, finally, Lugburz return with a second full length, Pure Misanthropy Of Death, which was actually recorded in early spring 2011.

Garth Arum

Garth Arum is probably a new name to many a Metal music lover, and that's not so surprising...because it is the solo outing of a musician by the name of Nightmarer...whom in normal life is known as singer/ guitarist Óscar Martín of Madrid based Avant-Garde Metal outfit As Light Dies.


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