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Kingfisher Sky

Huh...Kingfisher Sky...I knew I'd come across this Dutch Gothic/ Progressive Rock/ Metal band before, but upon checking my past activity sheet I found out that I didn't do a review of either of the band's previous two albums. Ah well, why don't we go over the band's history first then, shall we?


The Dutch combo Sin7sinS was formed in 2006 and did release one demo, before fading away in silence. It wasn’t until 2010 before they came up with a first studio album, Purgatory Ltd., which was released via Massacre Records. Press (at least quite a big deal) and audience welcomed the material with open arms, and live shows followed with the likes of Epica and Leaves’ Eyes, as well as Sepultura.

Wasted Bullet

Wasted Bullet is a Melodic Hardcore band from the Netherlands. The band consists of: Robbert  (vocals), Joel (drums), Lesley (bass), Max (guitar) and Jasper (guitar). They form a rather young band because their websites contain little to nothing of info or band history. Now the band released an album last November, and to be honest they do an awesome job at it. Especially when you realize this is the bands first full album.

Civil Twilight

Nay...actually this is not a new album by this interesting Nashville based Pop Rock act, as it was already released (but only in the US) on March 26, 2012. However, as we'd never have heard of the band before...let's start with some history lesson, shall we?

Patrick Lehman

Thanks to the vinyl collection of his family, Canadian singer-songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist/ producer Patrick Lehman developed a great love for classic Soul, Gospel,  Rhythm 'n' Blues, Rock 'n' Roll, and Blues. Some of his many musical influences including Stevie Wonder, Donnie Hathaway, Fleetwood Mac, Lauryn Hill, Sly And The Family Stone, The Rolling Stones, and Bill Withers.

Kill Ferelli

Kill Ferelli actually is a Dutch band, fronted by Kelly Kockelkoren, and so far has only released an EP in 2011, calles ‘Demolicious’.  That this band hails from Holland was quite a shock for me, because they sound very American if you ask me. What the album contains are 13 songs, that walk a thin line between rock and pop.  I’d say their sound can in certain ways be compared to Paramore, although I’d also dare to compare it a bit with Avril Lavigne.

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