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Blazej Kazimierz Adamczuk is a Polish multi-instrumentalist who used to be part of some of Poland’s most notorious bands, like Thunderbolt, Legacy Of Blood and Veles. At that time, he acted under the name Paimon. At the end of last decade, he moved over to Bergen, Norway, and he joined Dead To This World, a band formed by former Immortal-bassist Iscariah, as from now under his new artist name, Skyggen.


Entartung are a German duo (vocalist / bassist / keyboardist Vulfolaic and drummer / guitarist Lykormas) that could please the audience enormously with their 2012-debut Krypteia (also on World Terror Committee), and all those who did appreciate this debut will surely adore this sophomore full length too. Main reason is that Peccata Mortalia totally continues the path once started with Krypteia.


Sargeist might be (one of) the best known project by Finnish Black Metalist Shatraug, though he’s involved with tens of other bands and (solo) projects as well, such as: Necroslut, Horna, Black Stench, Ravening, Behexen, Mortualia, Foudre Noire and many others.

Darkmoon Warrior

The German band Darkmoon Warrior was formed at the beginning of the second half of the nineties by two (anti) human beings, Grommon and Atom Krieg. During this era, they recorded stuff that sort of mixed the harsh Black Noise sounds of cult-act Abruptum with industrialised Ambient material à la Neptune Towers (you know, that excellent side-project of Fenriz) (cf. the demos After The Final Armageddon and After The Final Holocaust).


Acherontas are a project from Greece, once formed as Worship by a guy called V. P. AcherontaSS. After a short while, Worship became Stutthof, and finally the project continued under the current moniker.


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