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Thought Chamber

Aha, a re-acquaintance...because I (as well as then colleague Trik) reviewed this band's debut album Angular Perceptions (Trik's review and my own were posted 03/03 and 20/03 of that year, respectively, and can be found for your scrutiny and fact-finding needs in this website's “Archive” section), and as it turns out...I won't have to tell you too much about the band's adventures in between that debut and this, the sophomore album, because Thought Chamber was never meant to be more than a studio project, apparently (correct me if I

The Tangent

During last weekend, the editor-in-chief came up to my place with a total of 17 CD's, 2 DVD's, and no less than 41 download albums for me to review...and the statement that there were also some InsideOut Music download releases which needed my attention first (in spite of our rule that we review actual albums before the downloads), because the local promoter was getting on his back.

James Labrie

You know, before I checked more seriously, I could've sworn that I reviewed Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie's previous solo album, 2010's Static Impulse, but it turns out that that job was left to colleague Erik (see his review posted 08/12/2010), and I was simply given ample opportunity to listen to the album, thanks to work sessions at the ConcreteWeb headquarters (as per usual when I listen to an album, I must've formed a review in my mind – I mean, I even remember checking data on the info sheet th

Haken know, as I was looking up background info for this review, I evidently came across the cover art of this band's previous albums, and I couldn't let go of the thought that I'd come across these Brits before. But, as it would turn out, I never reviewed those albums personally, nor did any of my colleagues, here at ConcreteWeb! Time for some serious getting acquainted then, wouldn't you agree, folks?


This young Prog Rock band was formed in 2008 by singer/ guitarist Luke Machin during his days at the Brighton Institute Of Modern Music (UK), but apparently both he and bassist Daniel Mashal (the other members, by the way, are second guitarist Elliot Fuller, keyboardist/ backing singer Georgia Lewis, and drummer Doug Hamer) had already put in time gathering experience for three years as members of well-known act The Tangent before going off on their own with their

Sound of Contact

This new young prog rock duo band has probably listened to Porcupine Tree, Yes, Pink Floyd and Genesis a lot; the latter being a rather obvious influence as the drummer-singer of Sound of Contact is Simon Collins who is the son of Phil.


Norway’s progressive metal band Leprous were founded back in 2001 but they still manage to surprise with new ideas on every new album. Not satisfied by just sticking to a single musical style, Leprous from Norway decide to use ingredients from such different genres like black metal, screamo, jazz, industrial and progressive rock, and put it all together into their very own sonic universe.

Spiritual Beggars

Spiritual Beggars have been around for a long time. Their first self titled album was released away back in ‘94 and since then the band has strived to make melodious and challenging hard rock music always looking to be that bit different. This is fully fledged retro rock. There are edgy, driving guitar riffs, layered keyboard fills and swirls, big melodic choruses, a firing vocal performance, classy production.

Neal Morse

Fans of progressive rock, and especially fans of Neal Morse are really spoilt, especially when they buy the limited digipack, which includes not only 2 DVD’s, but also 3 CD’s.  For my review I had to to with the three CD’s only though, so I’ve got no idea how good the DVD’s are.

Spock’s Beard

I have little to no knowledge what's going on in the progressive rock scene at the moment, but I do know this, I enjoyed what veterans Spock’s Beard have to offer. It's prog, so you know what to expect.


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