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The Neal Morse Band

This is the first studio album from the Neal Morse Band since 2012, which does not mean Mr. Morse hadn’t been busy in the mean time, because he’s released an album with Transatlantic, an album with Flying colours and also his own album ‘Songs From November’.

And what does this prog master have I petto for us on this album ?  Well, to sum it up, only five  songs, although it must be said one of the songs is over 26 minutes long,  It also  contains the ubiquitous ballad, and two short, heavier songs.

Lonely Robot

Lonely Robot is not a band, but a project by guitarist/singer/songwriter John Mitchell, best known a being long time guitarist for British progressive rockers Arena

Steve Rothery

Steve Rothery is the guitarist, and longest running member of the band Marillion.  This is his first solo-effort, despite being active in the music business for over thirty years (he started in Marillion in 1979).


Pain Of Salvation

Pain Of Salvation has always been a band that pushed the boundaries in the progressive metal genre. They never really released an album that was not up to par. David Gildenlöw is the only band member left of the outfit that released the debut album in 1997. He is, and always was of course the artistic brain behind the band In 2012 he wanted to give the fans something extra by recording an acoustic gig they were playing in Germany for a DVD.


Kaipa released their first album in 1975. Almost 40 years later they release their twelfth album. It’s the first time I hear music of these seasoned Swedes and I’m positively surprised.


It's hard to believe we've gone nearly six years without a new Bigelf album. Sadly, this isn't the album I was hoping for.

The Safety Fire

This London based British band was founded by longtime friends Derya Nagle (guitar) and Lori Peri (bass), who picked up their respective instruments at the age of 14, and decided to start a band.


I have little to no knowledge what's going on in the progressive metal scene at the moment, but I do know this, I enjoy what Haken have to offer. It's prog, so you know what to expect ..

James LaBrie

In between touring and recording albums with Dream Theater, frontman James LaBrie found time to release a new solo album titled ‘Impermanent Resonance’. After two albums with the group name MullMuzzler, this is his third album running under his own name. Not only did partner in crime Matt Guillory again take a leading role in the composing of the song material but he also handled all of the keyboards as well as backing vocals. Twelve tracks were recorded with twoi additional tracks for the limited digipack edition.  

The Tangent

The Tangent have been in the business for so long that I don't think they need any introduction. Their debut album The Music that Died Alone came back in 2001 and the band have continued to deliver albums since then.. The Tangent are one of the ground breaking bands in their genre and by that I mean the prog/sympho rock genre.


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