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Chilean power-combo Atomicide return with their second full length, a year and a half after the former one, Spreading The Cult Of Death. In more than a decade of existence, they gained quite some ‘popularity’ in their home country, and the intervention of Iron Bonehead Productions will promote this band’s name on an international scale for sure.

Vassafor / Temple Nightside

Since Iron Bonehead Productions are one of those labels that bring nothing but quality when it comes to the sound of the True Underground (the most morbid way!), I am always enthralled when receiving new stuff. Just check out one of the several reviews I did for this Berlin-based label to share my passion and appreciation.Last year, the label released a split-LP with Vassafor, but unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to hear it.


Most Black Metal releases that refer to ‘tradition’ are inspired and / or influenced by the so-called Second Wave. Nothing wrong with that, I think, because that early nineties’ current created hundreds of marvellous acts all over the globe, with truly thousands of excellent recordings, back then and still now. But the First Wave isn’t as ‘big’ as the second one. That’s a pity, because without that first wave there wouldn’t be a second one, would it?... However, once in a while my eardrums get satisfied by stuff that just breathes the purest essence of the eighties’ scene.

Cemetery Fog

Cemetery Fog are a very young band from Finland, originally consisting of V. Kettunen (d), J. Filppu (v, g), and J. Rantala (g). After the demo tapes Journey To Hell and Sepulchral Full Moon, the trio (J. Rantala left in mean time, and the band recently recruited bass player J. Peltonen) returned with a third demonstrational cassette recording, Shadows from The Cemetery, which has a total running time of about twenty three minutes.


Another excellent release via Germany’s top-label Iron Bonehead in quite an impressing series that we did receive at our headquarters, is the extended vinyl-edition of 2012’s …Smouldering demo by Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany-based trio Abyssous.

Heretic Cult Redeemer

Heretic Cult Redeemer are not such a well-known entity yet, but the band consists of members that are or were involved with huge names, at least within ‘my genre’, like Embrace Of Thorns, Necrovorous or Acrimonious. This Greek act was formed in 2009 with the intention to bring another message of ancient Cult; indeed, courtesy of Greece, I guess??? (do I need to add a smiley right now?)…


Beyond hail from Bavaria, Germany, and were formed in 2008 under the moniker of Shapeless. As Shapeless, they released two demos, and under their current name, there was a demo in 2011 (from which two tracks have been redone for this debut full length) and an EP in 2012, which was called Enter Transcendence (also their Iron Bonehead-debut).

Ancient Crypts

For more than fifteen years in meantime, the German label Iron Bonehead brings highly qualitative releases that dwell within the sleaziest spheres of underground-oriented Thrash / Black / Speed / Death Metal (the European answer on Hells Headbangers???). But as from a couple of years ago on, they did sort of conquer the hard-metallic worlds with an increasing number of releases that aren’t here but to please undersigned ear drums. Respect!


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