Crowbar are considered to be the real inventors of the 'doom-core' genre, combining the heaviness of doom metal and the breakdowns of hardcore. Their first release back in 1992, Obedience Thru Suffering, set the tone for a whole new range of bands to arise from the depths of metal and hardcore. The album was an inspiration for many people to pick up an instrument and start making heavy music without following any rules. The record has been out of print since 1994, but now, the band re-released their debut masterpiece.


Rumors had been circulating that Fabio Leone would become the new Kamelot vocalist, but in the end it was Tommy Karevik that would handle the microphone.  Has this changed Kamelot’s music profoundly?  No, not at all, Kamelot still sounds as Kamelot used to sound before.  Let’s put it frankly, if you just listen to the album, without knowing that you’re dealing with another vocalist, my guess is you wouldn’t even notice.

The Very End

The Very End is a trash metal band from Germany.  Now a you might already know trash is not really my favorite cup of tea. But let’s not jump to conclusions, and give this album a fair chance.

Trash metal not being my favorite, it’s no small wonder I’d never heard of this band before.  Yet this is already their third album so far. But as far as I could tell they haven’t had much attention so far, and for that reason stayed quite obscure. I did find out that they’ve had their fair deal of line-up changes so far.


I had heard that a Magnum release was imminent, but hadn’t paid any further notice to it.  Wait and see was my motto.  I finally got a copy of the ‘new’ album about just a week before I was heading towards their gig in the Biebob.  But I was rather disappointed, since the album only contains 2 brand new tracks, and the other 10 tracks are old songs, all but two of whom have been partially been re-recorded.


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